Yukon - Alaska 2016 tour

Our trip to Alaska and Yukon with Ryjo Tours- June 1 to 21, 2016
A short history of this famous highway. There will be one more slide of this sign in next frame. This one is easier to read Dawson Creek, B.C. Mile "0" of the Alaska highway. Just outside of Dawson Creek is part of the old highway, along with a bridge that was not rated for the weight of our motor coach, so we turned around at the bridge, stopped for this photo op, and took the newer by pass.
June 3. Day 3. We stopped at The Fort Nelson heritage Museum.  Excellent stop.  I used to run one of these mower when I was in grade school, mowing hay in Dad's sloughs. In those years many of the sloughs were bone dry. Wally trying to ride this bike at the Heritage Museum.  The rear wheel also swivels.  He lasted a few seconds.  Another half hour he could have mastered it. One of the hotel gyms I made use of. DSCF4210
June 4, day 4 of our trip. Stopped at Toad River Lodge. Mile 422. Many of the business areas have no commerical electrical power. They rely on their own fuel supplies.  In this photograph you see fuel available for tourists. June 4. Liard Hotspring Lodge.  We stopped here to use the Liard Hot Springs. DSCF4239
DSCF4219 This guy was just behind the lodge A 1/4 mile hike to the hot springs. DSCF4233
Beautiful ferns as we walk along Heading in. DSCF4245 John, from Watrous, relaxes at the springs. Many people chose not to go in.
Al photographing a group of ladies, using their cell phone.  We had to communicate by sign language as they had zero hearing. Done for the day.  I believe we were in there for about an hour. DSCF4267 We saw dozens of cyclists, from around the world, traveling this highway system.
Wally & Doreen.  June 4, 2016. Al & Marion John At the Yukon sign stop we met this man from Montreal, Canada.  He had left Montreal last fall and spent the winter months touring southern U.S.A.  We was of course also heading to Alaska on the same routing as we were.  He was very bilinqual.
June 4. We visited the sign forest at Watson Lake, B.C.  I actually went back here again early next morning as there was another geo-cache nearby that I had missed the first day. Marion's signage. We won't have any issue ever finding this again because it is 15 feet away from a geo cache hide. Geocache is right behind this signage.
Looks like someone from Hawarden was here in 1990 DSCF4291 A Ham operator from 1969.  There were three of us that had ham licenses on this trip. DSCF4293
DSCF4294 DSCF4295 June 07, 7:09 am. I climbed partially up a mountain trail to find a geo cache hide at this signage overlooking Dawson City.  I was the only one on our tour that got this view of course. Hiking up the trail to the geo cache.
Wild roses I walk part way over that footbridge. Many eagles right in this area. We have a guided tour on June 8th of the Goldbottom Gold Mine.  This is one of the gold mining TV series that we watch back in Saskatoon. We had to use the companies small bus to get to the site as these roads are not meant for tour coaches
The water blaster nozzle DSCF4326 Our guide.  She has been into gold mining since she was a teenager.  Very knowledgeable and self that in all kinds of plant life in this area. She used to run this gear when she was younger. On this part of the tour our party was split into two groups. While we toured the gold mine site the other half of our coach passengers were touring Dredge #4.
DSCF4329 From tons of rock and dirt, comes some refined bags that contain gold and needs further refining. So the final amount is in that blue dish at the left. The material that comes out of the ground sticks to a magnet.
The final product is dumped in this turning wheel. The heavy gold will enter the centre, exit, and the waste dumps out in the front and falls down that chute. There is the gold heading towards the centre. DSCF4345 One ounce of 99% gold, worth about $1500 in todays market.
One of the big nuggets found at this mine. More gold. Material and goodies found at this mine site. We went past another working gold mine that is also the subject of a weekly TV series.
These guys all managed to get out of the way, but our coach did slow down to make sure no one got hurt. DREDGES: These are tailings left over by the huge dredges that operated here over the years. Miles of them. Here is Dredge #4, the one we toured. Thisi is a huge complex. It is currently being restored. Details of Dredge 4
The interior of Dredge #4. DSCF4372 DSCF4373 This cylinder turns.
This shows you the size of some of the gears. Where the 2200 AC volts was converted to DC volts to run this machine. We are talking 1905 era here. DSCF4391 DSCF4392
DSCF4393 DSCF4394 This is where the tailings would be carried out and left in huge piles as you saw in the image taken from the highway earlier. DSCF4396
June 9, day 9. We get up early to catch the 7:30 am ferry across the Yukon River. However this was delayed as Department of Highways vehicles got precidence ahead of us.  This is a very fast flowing river. On the gravel stretch of the Alaska highway after getting off the ferry.  Alaska is some miles ahead of us. There is snow at these elevations although we are generally below 3000 feet in elevation above sea level. DSCF4423
Border crossing but in some cases these check points are 20 miles or so away from the actual border As soon as we crossed the USA border we were on new asphalt for a few miles. DSCF4436 At the Alaska border. Day 9, June 9, 2016
DSCF4438 Too bad the entire highway is not like this high quality for the entire routing. DSCF4448 Back to gravel/clay.  Terry says good on sunny days, not so nice to drive on rainy days. We have good weather the entire trip.
DSCF4451 DSCF4461 Morning coffee stop at the Chicken Gold Camp. June 9 DSCF4486
DSCF4487 DSCF4489 These are the bathrooms at Chicken Creek Cafe DSCF4490
Home made pies. DSCF4492 Many hats have been left here. The sign at the Chicken Creek Saloon.
Al & John relaxing at Chicken Gift Shop My last image taken at Chicken. On our way again Result of forest fires some years back.
June 9. We stop for a photo op at Mile 1422 of the Alaska Highway. Carol is holding the Yukon flag.  We later purchased one to fly at our cottage. Taking a river cruise with Riverboat Discovery III Terminal tours on June 10.  This is a fish catching wheel that turns and the fish are flipped into the bucket. And here is one of them. Fish drying on the line
Another view of the fish wheel. After the cruise we had a tasty noon meal served by the tour outfit. DSCF4553 June 10th. We stop for a photo op at this sign post.
DSCF4562 We are now at mile 1523 DSCF4564 Evening meal at the Alaska Salmon Bake. An outdoor event. June 10
Denise pays our way in. Roast beef and salmon. I missed out on the cod Wood burning BBQ'd salmon steaks. Very good although I would prefer my salmon not quite so well done. Some of the old gear at the Salmon Bake site.
DSCF4581 DSCF4584 A mallard wanders by Still at the Salmon Bake. I meet to German speaking folks. Cousins. One lives in Fresno, California. The other one in Steinback, Manitoba. Carrol spoke to them in low German. I stuck to high German.
Relaxing at the Dimond Center Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska. Cell3 At our favorite restaurant in Whitehorse, Yukon. Klondike Rib & Salmon BBQ. The female owner grew up in Humbolt, Saskatchewan. We went back here 3 or 4 times. Visiting with the owner who grew up and graduated from high school in Humbolt, Saskatchewan.
Checking out the selfies we are taken during our various stops at her restaurant. The Halibut, fresh from Alaska, was awesome. Next stop will be Daswon City, Yukon. Wally and I took the local Dawson City LRT ride and met up with two of the follie dancers from the previous nights show. These ladies run the LRT during daytime hours. This is the lead singer that performs at one of the night clubs in Dawson City. Marion and I took in all three shows  She also works as a hostess/waitress at Sourdough Joes.  Excellent food here also.
Ordering at Sourdough Joes One of their creations The Nickels had a cabin in Dawson City.  Marion and I had a motel unit nearby. At the Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, at 9pm every evening they feature the human toe touch your lips affair.
They mean it. I had to sign a legal form before taking part. He explains the rules My drink was 1 oz of Glenfiddich Scotch. Signing the legal forms.
The toe nail was gross. However the toe is well pickeled and kept in salt. Here we go Success: the toe touch my lips and I did not swallow or injure it. Human toe ready for the next in line and it was mainly young ladies, lots of them.
Shopping in Dawson City, Yukon Cell14 Cell16 Dimond Center Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska. A lovely place to stay.  We stayed here on our way up and on our way down.  This image taken June 15 on our return leg.
River Boat Cruise in Fairbanks, Alaska. The King Salmon were running and we watched some of  the weigh ins from the fishing derby. 18 to 25 pounds. June 14: Anchorage, Alaska. Evening meal at the Perfect Cup Restaurant in the Dimond Centre. Awesome seafood chowder. Our lodging on June 15th. Tok, Alaska. Rustic, but OK for one night. And there really is no where else to stay.
Cell22 Cell24 Cell27 Cell28
Cell30 Cell32 Cell33 June 16. We stop here for an excellent lunch.
June 16th. We stop at Destruction Bay Lodge. Lunch compliments of Ryjo Tours. Cell39 Local crafts on display here Our host top left getting the BBQ ready.
Cell50 Cell51 Cell55 Cell58
He is also a singer, poet, song writer, besides serving up an excellent meal. He came to the Yukon from Vancouver 30 years ago and never left. Some where along the routing on day 16 we stopped at this multi million dollar museum. Cell66 Cell70
My last image in the museum. Upon our arrival at the Best Western Gold Rush Inn in Whitehorse we were met by a mountie and his wife. the RCMP facility is just across the street.  He and his wife were going out to an evening function and he knew our coach was arriving so lots of people did a photo op. Note, he is a "tall" mountie. Cell75 June 16.   Back at our favorite restaurant again in Whiehorse Wally only had this for an evening meal.
I had the seafood chowder. Excellent. On our way to Skagway, Alaska Photo stop at Bove island Bove Island, Yukon
Cell83 Cell84 Cell87 Entering Alaska for the second time. June 17, 2016
Cell100 Cell102 Rough country. Eight miles to the border stop.
Cell105 We are now in Skagway, Alaska. June 17 Cell109 Cell110
Cell112 Cell89 I climbed up a steep mountain for some ways. Never found the geo cache but did find a homeless man camped out. Bridge on the way to the geo cache.
Cell118 On the way down from the cache hide that I never found I visited with some folks from London, Ontario. He worked for Avco Corporation during the same years I did. 1963 to 1975 except he was always in Ontario whilst I transferred around three provinces.  I believe his name is "Larry". Main street of Skaway, Alaska Cell159
Red Onion Saloon Red Onion Saloon Cell135 My chili was good
We are now on the White Pass & Yukon Railway narrow track guage. This trip is not for people who are scared of heights or rock slides. Cell155 The sign you see when you enter the Skagway Brewing.  Us five had lunch here. Lunch at Skagway Brewing
Not sure what the message is here. I found a geo cache at this old train in Skagway Cell179 Cell183
Cell184 Our train will go over that threstle. Cell187 One of our stops.
Cell207 Cell208 Cell210 Cell215
Cell216 Cell222 Multi thousands Cell223
There is your green jade. Not dark jade so this will not be processed Cell225 Two guys from the UK, biking to the Bering Strait. The other UK bike.
The UK guy who has been biking for 2 1/2 years.  South Africa, South American, USA, and now Yukon heading to Alaska. And there they go, heading north. Here is where we stayed the evening of June 18.  Northway Motor Inn at Dease Lake, British Columbia.  The "shack" is 200 feet away from this motel. No restaurants at this stop, only a small grocery store that was already closed when we got here. The people here at "the shack" served us a delicious meatloaf evening dinner, outdoors. The grocery store supplied us with Egg McMuffens for breakfast and a picnic lunch for later in the day.
Our meatloaf evening mealing.  EXCELLENT The menu prices for tourists wandering through this area. Here comes our breakfast at Dease Lake. And picnic lunch was being back on ice for later in the day.
Cell245 A photo stop on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. On our way to Smithers, B.C. for the night. This is June 19 At 10am, June 19th, we stop for 30 minutes at the Tatogga Lake Resort. Fresh and just out of the oven.
Some of the interior of the Tatogga Resort Stopping at Meziadlin Lake, B.C. for our picnic lunch. June 19 Cell272 There is a glacier nearby and the winds blowing that day certainly cooled the temperatures down
Cell270 Some folks from our tour group. June 20. Smithers, B.C. to Hinton, Alberta. We arrive at McBride, B.C. and stop here for the afternoon break. I walked 200 meters to this signage, Gigglin' Grizzley's Pub, as there was a geo-cache container hidden in those boulders. Mt. Robson BC.
The last geo-cache I find on this trip, under a mail box in Hinton, B.C. Nova Lodge, Hinton, Alberta. Close to the Yellowhead. A good hotel. Somewhere along the way in the last two days I picked up a book for free at a book exchange outlet. These passengers, from North Battleford, sang a 5 minute song re Terry's tours. To the tune of "Jesus Loves Me".
DSCF4633 DSCF4637 DSCF4642 The last evening meal, Hinton, Alberta.
And it was excellent. June 21. Lunch at Kingsway Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. Ukranian fare. Jim Bright and his wife met us for lunch. Jim worked in Flin Flon, Manitoba in the mid 60's at the same time we were posted there. They now live in Edmonton. Just east of Lloydminster and we see the crude oil tankers bound for Memphis, Tn.
Saskatchewan scenery on last day of our trip We get held up in North Battleford by more crude oil heading south.