Rocks and trails.

Geo1  The dugout located at the gate entry to the half section associated with Living Waters Camp in the 40s, 50s, 60s. The date of this trip was August 20, 2016.  I decided to go check on some of my geo cache hides.  There is one located near this scene. Geo2  High water levels on the Penticostal roadway. Looking north. Geo3  Two miles north of the geo cache container you will see shortly. 15 years ago I could drive through here. Geo4  CNR trackage from where I took the previous image
Geo6  I am at a corner post , north west corner of the half section that Dad owned for years. I have a geo cache container here. A bit further south of this was our pasture that was narrow but one mile in depth from the farmyard. Geo7  The geo container. Geo5  Looking south from the corner post is what was once was a road.  I was able to drive through here 20 years ago but due to high water tables one cannot do this anymore. Geo8  Mierau farm yard. Looking north.  This road, as many others, has been continually built up due to high water levels.
Geo9  South west of our farm. This is Edmund Hills.  About six miles from the farm. We used to go here in winter with horse and sleigh to toboggan.  For the last four years or so I could not get through here as the lake levels covered the trail.  I was surprised that they built up the grid here and I was able to continue west.  I have a geo cache up on that ridge.  The steeper hills are to the top right, out of view of this image. Geo10  A close up view of the road improvements. rocks  A rock pile I found in this area. Was able to get some flat ones that we require for our rock garden.