Berm Construction 2011 - Updated 2014

The majority of the images pertain to the construction of the berm at our lake by Ungar Construction, Theodore, SK. As of June 11, 2011, when these images were posted, construction was stilll in progress and that includes the north end of Wellington Park and Creek that was re-designed by Scot Ungar. UPDATED Dec 2014 to reflect to new high water table.
TN-IMGP8224 wm  2011 --A view of Little Manitou Lake west of our cottage. All images that follow this slide were taken in 2011- until we get to 2014 and I will identify the start of 2014 images. tn-IMGP8235 wm  The berm that goes behind Danceland  (  This berm was constructed several years ago, but due to higher water levels this year had to have several more feet and rock added.. Top soil still not laid in place. tn-IMGP8240 wm  A sign now in water tn-IMGP8243 wm  The former walkway and pedestrian sidewalks are now under water.
tn-IMGP8244 wm  Re-construction of the north end of Wellington Creek. A new large culvert was also placed under the highway as this area has always been prone to flooding during heavy rains or melt periods. tn-IMGP8247 wm  Tons of rocks have been hauled to the lake side of the berm over the past month tn-IMGP8252 wm  A view looking west towards danceland tn-IMGP8254 wm  Another view from the southern portion of the creek bed under re-construction
tn-IMGP8256 wm  The water is currently being sent around this area via pipeline to allow construction and finishing to proceed tn-IMGP8258 wm  Arnold heads towards his Danceland hall tn-IMGP8259 wm  Another load of rock gets dumped tn-IMGP8263 wm
tn-IMGP8274 wm  Another happy employee tn-IMGP8277 wm  Stephanie always has a wave for us tn-IMGP8279 wm tn-IMGP8280 wm  Keith, the expert who installs my water meter and turns on our cottage water system every spring; and turns it all off in the fall.  A super good guy in my books.
tn-IMGP8282 wm  Loading rocks tn-IMGP8283 wm tn-IMGP8284 wm tn-IMGP8293 wm
tn-IMGP8306 wm  Marcel, master painter, carpenter, and also part time danceland employee. tn-IMGP8324 wm  Stephanie Miller drives the big rigs.  (permission obtained from Miss Miller for using her images) tn-IMGP8413 wm  Our highway looking east; once again under water. tn-IMGP8414 wm  A view looking west
tn-IMGP8415 wm  All the clay for the berm construction came from that hill where you see the digger tn-IMGP8419 wm  I have images last year of those wagon wheels on dry land. tn-IMGP8422 wm tn-IMGP8427 wm  Source of the clay material
TN-IMGP8462 wm TN-IMGP8463 wm TN-IMGP8476 wm  berm construction behind the motel unit. TN-IMGP8499 wm
TN-IMGP8504 wm TN-IMGP8508 wm  Installation of a new culvert at for Wellington Creek - just west of Danceland TN-IMGP8512 wm TN-IMGP8514 wm
TN-IMGP8515 wm TN-IMGP8517 wm  digging up the road to install the new culvert TN-IMGP8518 wm TN-IMGP8519 wm
TN-IMGP8520 wm TN-IMGP8525 wm TN-IMGP8528 wm TN-IMGP8539 wm  Stephanie always had a smile or a wave when driving by
TN-IMGP8541 wm TN-IMGP8544 wm TN-IMGP8545 wm  A surveyor taking his readings TN-IMGP8548 wm
TN-IMGP8549 wm  tempory berm while culvert installed to prevent lake flowing in TN-IMGP8554 wm TN-IMGP8557 wm TN-IMGP8559 wm  Joining the first two units together.
TN-IMGP8566 wm  Look at this left hand.  About another two inches to go. TN-IMGP8567 wm TN-IMGP8569 wm TN-IMGP8570 wm
TN-IMGP8573 wm  Modern technology slaved to oribting satelites TN-IMGP8574 wm  600 pair of twisted pairs to be joined - new telephone lines (nothing to do with the berm construction) TN-IMGP8577 wm  Tamping in the new dry earth around the culvert TN-IMGP8582 wm  load of gravel being delivered
TN-IMGP8585 wm TN-IMGP8589 wm TN-IMGP8591 wm TN-IMGP8595 wm  Besides driving the big rigs, Stephanie also can handle a shovel.
TN-IMGP8596 wm TN-IMGP8599 wm  The sunset while I was photographing the culvert installation this evening TN-IMGP8604 wm  Wellington Park on an early morning (June 11, 2011) TN-IMGP8611 wm
TN-IMGP8616 wm TN-IMGP8617 wm TN-IMGP8619 wm TN-IMGP8620 wm
TN-IMGP8621 wm TN-IMGP8623 wm TN-IMGP8624 wm  This design by Scott Unger of Unger Construction. This will include a waterfall area and will certainly be of benefit when I am showing students how to do slow shutter techniques on waterfalls. Small, but effective. TN-IMGP8625 wm  The entrance to Wellington Park
TN-IMGP8627 wm  By passing the stream during completion of the culvert installation TN-IMGP8630 wm al-pano wm  A panormaic view of the highway where it now ends under water. tn-IMG 0038 wm  May 23, 2010. May long weekend. A very wild and windy day. This is the lake at the causeway that day
tn-IMG 0040 wm  Al and Harold Mierau walking on the causeway. 1050am. May 23/2010 tn-IMG 0043 wm  That was what the causeway looked like that day, May 23, 2010 tn-IMGP8656 wm  The causeway as it appears on June 12, 2011 tn-IMGP8659 wm  Does not look safe to drive on anymore. The view from the south end.
tn-IMGP8661 wm  The view from the north end. tn-IMGP8662 wm  The former road to Delwood campground is under water. It is to the right of this rock. tn-IMGP8664 wm  Unbelievable; on our way home we see someone coming across the causeway. tn-IMGP8665 wm  And they actually made it.
DSCF0148  The highway east on May 13, 2012 DSCF0149  May 13, 2012. This structure has since been demolished and removed IMGP3841  May 13, 2012. Over the years I photographed those wagon wheels on dry land Teddy with friends  Here is the foot bridge over Wellington Creek. Image taken Sept 1, 2013.
T-K  Kenzie & Taylor IGP2120  The year is now 2014.  From here on all images are 2014 (with some exceptions as noted) but at different dates.  I photographed this gal on July 11, 2014 AL12143  July 13, 2014. Looking west towards the east end of the Village of Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan. AL12145  Looking west. At the 2 o'clock position you can see what used to be the start of the curve of the causeway that went then went over the lake to the north side.
AL12147  July 13, 2014 The red pole markers are where the highway used to be.  See previous image AL13070  This is now how the water has risen.  This facility used to be in "high" ground. AL13089  This project is now completed.  Victor lifted his home up approximately six feet. DSCF0006  Another view - July 29, 2014
DSCF0014  Danceland on July 29, 2014 on a foggy day. DSCF0151  This was the highway east of Manitou Beach on June 5, 2014 before the water rose to cover the road DSCF0368  Mairon hiking to Danceland on June 26, 2014 DSCF1314  A sure sign that things are not getting better for this highway
DSCF1318  The picnic area at the west end, just adjacent to the tennis courts DSCF2253  In 2013 this was all sandy beach. DSCF2254  July 11, 2014 DSCF2256  The playground area on June 11, 2014
DSCF2257 DSCF2258  The tennis courts are on the other side of those trees straight ahead DSCF2259 DSCF2263
DSCF2264  On windy days the waves splash over the berm at Danceland.  This was taken on a calm day DSCF2265 DSCF2266  Wellington Creek DSCF2269  Another view of the highway looking east
DSCF2285  The highway past the flooded area.  Date: July 11, 2014 DSCF0170  The curve on the causeway May 14, 2012.  See next slide. DSCF2286  See previous slide. DSCF2287  The causeway highway completely under water
DSCF2288 DSCF2290 DSCF2302  July 11, 2014.  100's of these wild prairie lilies and if you want to know exactly where they are, see me in person. DSCF2303  A typical scene in July 2014
DSCF2651  Grant and I sail by this motel on August 28, 2014 DSCF2654 DSCF2262  Very close to flooding this residence. DSCF2657  Some more fill and rocks has been added - August 28, 2014
IMG 0432  November 2014.  More clay is added to the berms and then covered with a covering. This image, and the ones that follow, were all taken on November 18, 2014.  The clay comes from that open pit straight ahead IMG 0435  A berm is now placed at the east end, running north to south. IMG 0437  November 2014 IMG 0438  November 2014
IMG 0599  November 2014 IMG 0601  This is how the berm now appears to the eyes all along beach front danny1  November 2014 danny2  November 2014 LAST IMAGE.