Captain Conlin - June 29, 2007

The day I met Grant Conlin on a very windy day.
IMGP2367June19-2007  Grant decides to sail his newly acquired sailboat to the bay as the motor was not working. IMGP2374June19-2007  The high winds immediately take effect and he decides to sail across the lake to tack back to the bay IMGP2377June19-2007 IMGP2382June19-2007  The rudder flips out of the sockets so Grant jumps into the water for a fix but can't climb back into the sail boat
IMGP2388June19-2007  The craft keels over and a foot of water enters and this helps stabilize the vessel IMGP2390June19-2007  Grant hangs onto the rudder and manages to steer the vessel back to the south shores. IMGP2394June19-2007  He wil be landing on the flooded highway system east of the village, far away from the docking bay. IMGP2396June19-2007
IMGP2401June19-2007  Almost home now. IMGP2402June19-2007  Grant ties the vessel up on a highway sign that is now partially submerged in the high water levels IMGP2405June19-2007  The provincial highway facing west from where he moored the sailboat. IMGP2406June19-2007  Looking east.  This was the year that all our water probems began at our village and is still ongoing.