Arizona Cache

We found this cache in Arizona on February 11, 2015 not too far out of Mesa.
AZ-Cache1  My cell phone geo app led me to this old water tower and this heavy duty piping that is set in concrete AZ-Cache2  The lid on this cache has two padlocks, one of which can be opened by dialing in the four digit number that is the name of the cache AZ-Cache3  Dialing in the numbers AZ-Cache4  Pulling out a long steel tube and not that light either
AZ-Cache5  Here is the fancy screw lid with instructions AZ-Cache6  I am about to unscrew the lid that is water proof and of high quality AZ-Cache7  A container that had about a dozen travel bugs AZ-Cache8  I took two with me back to Saskatchewan, Canada
AZ-Cache9  Now underneath the plastic TB container is yet another smaller steel tube. AZ-Cache10  Unscrewing the llid from the second steel tube AZ-Cache11  And that contained this larged LOG BOOK AZ-Cache12  Signing the log.
AZ-Cache13  We then put everything back together again and I spin the lock numbers and the cache is ready for the next visitor