Amish Ways Smoky Mtn Haze - May 2006

Some of the images taken during this spring tour of Indiana and Ohio and other states we had to go through on this wonderful trip. Images not necessarily in order of the routing.
tn IMGP0650  Entering Duluth, Mn tn IMGP0696  The Radisson Hotel we stay at in Duluth during these trips Shipshewana800  Menno-Hof in Shipshewana, Ind tn 007 19  Two sisters
tn 012 11  Roller coaster we rode on at Dollywood tn 014 12  Making a belt for Al at Dollywood tn 017 2  The Smoky Mountains tn 017 9  Muriel having lunch
tn 018 5  Dollywood tn al  Photograph taken by Bee Haile at Davenport, Iowa tn DSCF1675  Les asking an Amish man for directions tn DSCF1876  Al and Wally holding up a rock at rock city I believe
tn IMGP0737  Typical house in civil war area tn IMGP0739 tn IMGP0771  Entering Chicago tn IMGP0786  Spring time comes earlier than in Saskatoon
tn IMGP0795 tn IMGP0801 tn IMGP0805 tn IMGP0806
tn IMGP0807 tn IMGP0814 tn IMGP0821 tn IMGP0830
tn IMGP0832 tn IMGP0840 tn IMGP0861 tn IMGP0865
tn IMGP0866 tn IMGP0870 tn IMGP0879 tn IMGP0890
tn IMGP0908 tn IMGP0920 tn IMGP0956 tn IMGP0957
tn IMGP0985 tn IMGP1048 tn IMGP1057 tn IMGP1065
tn IMGP1071 tn IMGP1080 tn IMGP1085 tn IMGP1102
tn IMGP1126  Near the Behalt Centre, Ohio tn IMGP1150 tn IMGP1154 tn IMGP1160
tn IMGP1161 tn IMGP1171  At the market near Berlin somewhere tn IMGP1183 tn IMGP1193
tn IMGP1195 tn IMGP1197 tn IMGP1224  Our hotel in Berlin, Ohio tn IMGP1250
tn IMGP1257 tn IMGP1264 tn IMGP1297 tn IMGP1305
tn IMGP1314 tn IMGP1319 tn IMGP1332 tn IMGP1361  At the basket factory
tn IMGP1365 tn IMGP1385  Fenton Glass Works tn IMGP1421 tn IMGP1452
tn IMGP1455 tn IMGP1465  Corbin, KY. tn IMGP1902 tn muriel-shirley  Muriel and Shirley in Nashville
tn m-Lphotoshop  Muriel and Les in Nashville tn IMGP1930  This granite globe turns and is on a very thin film of water tn IMGP1968  At Lamberts tn IMGP1969
tn IMGP1975  Throwing the buns tn IMGP1978  Along the banks of the Mississippi