AURORA-Sept 09, 2015, Manitou Beach, Sk

There was an awesome display of aurora with brilliant greens.
Aurora09Sept1  Until further notice in this sequence, the majority of these images were shot at a slough just south of Manitou Beach where we photograph a variety of birds over the spring and summer months. Time was 12am to 12:36am. Aurora09Sept2 Aurora09Sept3 Aurora09Sept4
Aurora09Sept5 Aurora09Sept8 Aurora09Sept9 Aurora09Sept10
Aurora09Sept11 Aurora09Sept12 Aurora09Sept13 Aurora09Sept15
Aurora09Sept16 Aurora09Sept17 Aurora09Sept20  I shot this through the security fencing tha surrounds the carvings from the recent competition we had here at Manitou Beach. Aurora09Sept21  This image was taken at the east end of the village, overlooking Little Lake Manitou.  The orange glow is caused by light refraction from the Lanigan Potash lights approximately 40 km to the north east.
Aurora09Sept23  My brother's place.